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Coming Out: Honeybird Chronicles Self-Acceptance In Revealing New Album

Monique Mizrahi, née Honeybird, drops Out Comes Woman this week, an album with songs of tales about identity, strength, and desire – songs that people of all backgrounds can relate to. Injecting narrations that are personal, socially conscious, and fun, the multi-instrumentalist is taking the road less travelled by putting her bisexuality at the forefront of her project, ready to take on the criticisms that may emerge. “I’m choosing to embody this and take whatever punches come along with making this decision,” she explained. “I made the conscious decision, that whatever negative might come of this, it’s still something important enough for me to wear.”

The frank content in Out Comes Woman resulted from Honeybird’s sobering realization that after her move to Brooklyn from years spent in Rome as a part of the trio, Honeybird and the Birdies, she wasn’t in a band anymore and it was all on her to write lyrics:

“If it’s me, I really should try to be honest with myself. It’s something I’ve been struggling with – to be less harsh on myself. I guess to a certain extent, there’s a level of ‘homophobic-ness’ that ties in with not coming out. If I don’t own it, then I’m kind of discriminating against my own self. I’m not allowing myself to be freely who I am. I turned to the music and the songs to grasp it. Brooklyn helped me to slowly accept myself more. I’m still not 100% there.”

As Honeybird noted, Out Comes Woman is only one part that acceptance.

There are more bisexual artists and public figures than you probably realize. Some have been explicit about their sexualities, and most have chosen to stay mum about the matter. There are still very few Honeybird types out there who inject matters into their art form regarding their “alternative lifestyles”. Honeybird hopes that her choice to “come out” on this album inspires others to feel more comfortable with themselves, especially those who are having issues accepting their own sexualities.

The controversy that will come with the album release is inevitable, with songs that address issues like human trafficking (“Must Get To You”) and the tribulations of dating as a bisexual (“TMBLGBT”). Still, her hope is to be an inspiration to others and to show people that being gay or bisexual doesn’t always have to be a topic that is looked at in a negative light. “If that happens, Honeybird sighs, “then it makes the whole experience worth it.”